Saturday, 30 May 2009


30th May 2009
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss!! One more month to Belgrade!! The countdown is officially starting today. All I can say for this month is that it has been better than the last and much more accommodating and less stressing. Ever since I move into the crib as I call it (It has not yet reached the level or the feel of home yet) I can arguably say I am the most visited person of the month (The visits being accidental or intended none-the-less) I still feel the most visited. Actually in a weird way I have had a blast.
First of all first things first- celebration!!
After moving in, the first thing I had to do was celebrate and celebrate we did. That first Thursday after shifting found me at Steak Out rockin away with Max and buddes who housed us big time. It was fun, my bro showed up too but I did not tell him I had shifted but now I guess he has figured it out already. Anyways I embarked on a series of celebrations to mark my independence. The brokenness lasted only as far as my first week after which I got my first payment of the month from Gilbert, half the dime which I immediately banked and the reminder I settled a promise I had made with my buddez – PORK NIGHT OUT (which later turned into BOYS NIGHT OUT  and now called BAD MAN ENERGY. This was actually the inception of our boys parties) we went to our usual pork joint in Wandegz and had a blast all on me!!!! That’s the first time I housed a gang of hommies plus my bro Mozey. The pork was as usual long in coming since it was a frio and the joint usually has mob customers then. When the pork finally came, it disappeared in 2 mins  max!!! unlike the other time, this time the guys attacked it with a vengeance I could hardly fathom. When I did the pork was all gone but  at least everyone had had their fill of it and the night was declared a success. So the next week the dimes kept flowing in. first the dime from some guy called Victor whose script I helped edit and adjust and make suggestions for so for a while I had a blast. I then attended the MUK 2008/2009 sports dinner at Livingstone Hall and it was the most organized sports dinner I have ever attended at MUK to bad I was already out of campo. I stayed there till late and failed to eat even a quarter of the food because I was more interested in the Guinness guys had already started attacking then I chatted with Nkeetoboy who reminded me of doing masters which up to now I have failed to apply for. Anyways there’s always next year. He later dropped me at my crib in his car-the joy of having friends.
Things kinda settled after that for like a week as I awaited my final financial package of the month. My real salary but that’s when my housemate got financial zibs and asked me to loan him since I was doing well financially plus the promise of a quick repay won me over. So when the money came I just transferred it to him leaving me with a month to wait before I furnish my crib. But at least miraculously without a hustle I managed to get a dope matres which I am now enjoying. My housemates’ bro had luckily or unfortunately for him bought a mattress too big for his bed so he simply sold it to me so he could purchase a smaller one so all I had to do was transfer the mattress from his room to mine and that’s it yaaayy!
Back to my visitors; I told the whole world on facebook how I now have my own crib hence a line of people started calling me to see the place. The first person to know my place was of course my girlfriend Laura and good friend Shirazi. The came Bogzie, Roy, I met Bwana Nobert my old friend from High school and he branched by my place for a bit.  I have had James a nd aggrey and Adiga here, Sarah code-named (chino) maxs friends and mine like Linda and Deekee.
However not even one of my siblings have come to see my place but o well, whenever they come around to it they are welcome; others like the pythons have promised to drop by.
Once again to say something about my love life it has been just great I could not take it anymore with my feelings about Laura so I talked to Sarah about it who convinced me that I was right to feel the way I did and let Laura know it so I did exactly that through emails and on facebook and finally recently a quiet chat she came round to realizing that there’s need to have concern about how I feel and she agreed to not see Peter for my feelings sake and from then on I feel contented and have peace of mind.
So my life is not quite heaven right now but it’s pretty much the edge of heaven. I am actually living my ultimate urban dream which is almost impossible for most people especially at my age. God has really been good to me so it’s only fair that I thank him coz it’s been long overdue. I am trying to build a more meaningful relationship with him and am also trying to involve myself into helping others but first I have to renew my life so I have taken to attending to new life church classes and my close proximity to Watoto church makes things so much easier. I’m so glad and thankful. By God I will do my part. No matter the disappointments all things work out for good in the end. my workplace is ok and everything is going smoothly and I am making enough dime to help me and the people around me. Nice opportunities are on their way I can feel them, the people I live with have the potential to help me make something of myself and of course am still gon party hehhehee.
Bogzie called me last night to tell me about the MUBS sports dinner so tonight we are so partying. Am yet to tell max to prep his party shoes and next Wednesday happens to be Uganda Martyrs day a national public holiday which means no work for me, a party to attend at Kololo pool; can’t wait yippee!!
And now lastly onto the most important event of this year! Preparations for the 25th Universiade Belgrade 2009 is on. It seems like it is going to be a repetition of the circumstances under which we went to Bangkok two years earlier. Anyways through a number of calls and infor from Max and my cousin Henry, the forms got issued to different universities to be filled in by the best athletes which then got around. I had a one on one chat with the head of NUSUF (Madam Penninnah) to ascertain that I don’t get left behind and I think I made my point and myself more sure of making it to another once in a lifetime experience although for me gon be a twice in a lifetime moment God willing. However one thing had me worried for the most of this month – my arm (shoulder) it still hadn’t fully healed a month later and my time seemed to be running out. I have to train but could not and its terrifying feeling not being able to perform you can and pushing it would only make things harder so I accepted that by the grace of God it shall be healed and I took a rest from training for a month only going on very few occasions and am happy that my arm aches less and feels stronger. Looks like we (me and my arm) will still be able to make it although I still have to tread carefully or should I say handle. That warning aches till comes occasionally; I promise not to ignore it.

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