Friday, 22 July 2011


wat now???
I am beginning to lose track of time, things are settling in some sort of routine which includes wake up to breakfast, get bus to Oriental Sports Centre (the competition venue) train for about 1 and half hours, get back to Everbright International Hotel where I am staying, have lunch and off to afternoon nap or seek the internet which I have unfortunately realized is very hard to come by L I finally found a nice lil office where I can check my mail from but I came thinking its free only to find that I had to pay 20yen 2 hours later. Luckily I had moved with some Chinese cash in my pockets which really saved me the embarrassment.

 Anyway later in the evening at 17:00hrs I went off back to the Oriental Sports Centre to watch some diving with Ganzi but we barely made it, found the medal award ceremony and had a fun time taking pics with the Chinese crowd which was thrilled to have two black people in its midst. 

After that we moved to the entertainment zone which had a great shows of martial arts, cheerleading, magic shows, acrobatics etc goin on and that was indeed super interesting and it totally made up for missing the diving completely.
Ganzi Tai Chi
While watching the Martial Arts performance, the Mc asked for a volunteer and since we were the only Black people among a crowd of Chinese we stood out and of course I shoved Ganzi forward so as to avoid being picked. He was promptly bodily hoisted on to the stage amidst regardless of his mild resisting J The next few minutes were really fun to watch as he struggled to keep up with the performers smooth movements of Tai Chi …
First cool person
Yesterday was pretty much like today apart from 3 interesting events that occurred!
On a stroll around the hotel we decided to visit the fitness centre and there I met a very interesting girl, first friend I have made here and pretty much the highlight of my day J
Bus Monitor
I made another friend operating on the transportation bus who was kind enough to teach me a few things about china and who is supposed to get me some great Chinese music tomorrow but unfortunately I might not be able to meet her because we have organized a shopping trip around Shanghai and I might not be able to meet her at all 2moro but I hope I get a chance to find her and postpone our catchin up J
Well I also got into a lil trouble for not following protocol and goin off alone to the sports center without informing anybody yester evening.
As for the training section, I feel my stroke feels a lot stronger, my break out after the dive is much better since I started workin on it. I got a muscle cramp in my right calf and it’s still sore but I know it will soon fade off and nothing to give me too much worry. I am a lil concerned about my speed endurance though for the 50m butterfly, my arms seem to become exhausted about 15m to the wall at the other end and that might slow me down and affect my time so I am thinking I should reserve enough energy to power me through the entire 50m.
Okay so in the evening I have settled to simply watching a movie which I must say is a boring choice given the fact that I am in a new city which I need to be exploring, I took a walk around my block on the first nite here and it was pretty interesting to see the Chinese men without shirts on walking around the street but I guess in this weather even I would find taking off my shirt an easier choice to suffocating in this humid heat!
I am thinking of the things  would rather be doing right now but mostly of the people I would wanna be talking to online right now and I admit I am beginning to miss some great company I have become used to over the recent years and the fact that I sometimes take em for granted. I am a lil bored and alienated, theres no one around I can have a real Conrad type conversation with which has made me a lot quieter than I am normally prone to!
Bottom line: right now I am starving for company. It’s a Friday but I have a race to think about, I can’t venture about on my own because that’s indiscipline so I am hoping there’s another interesting movie on the HBO channel which played VAN WILDER last nite, a totally hilarious watch! Ok I am off to check it out, after my race on Sunday I am changing routines somehow J and I hope y├íll get to watch me swim … remember u promised!!! J

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