Friday, 13 November 2009


13th November 2009
In the wee hours of the morning, cold dark and brooding, the lovely couple stood by the parking lot outside the discotheque building. They were one with each other neither separate nor part of the group that was nearby watching at a polite distance. Actually two groups waited in the cold silence both unmindful and fully aware of the lovely couple. It was late and the couple could not prolong this impending separation however much they clung to each other. it had been a powerful night charged with emotion and as they kissed like their lives depended on it but the urgency of the moment only became stronger.
The two groups going their different ways waited patiently knowing that it was a moment such as never to be interrupted. One group was full of girls and the other more agitated was of the boys. Darting glances kept bouncing from one side to the other evoking a certain discomfort to the point that some members drifted a little further off due to the growing feeling of intrusion and also for the privacy of the two indivisuals who were the centre of all this quiet drama.
It was such a night as that which made you believe in love, the sight of it was heartbreaking taking in mind what was happening. What was happening was saying goodbye. The boy was to go away forever after one night of connecting with the angelic figure in his arms. Her dark curly hair streaming down way past her small perfect shoulders down to her slim waist; her arms were clasped behind his back as they explored it and the full majesty of his lithe hard body firmly pressed against her soft figure; eyes inches from each other gazing deeply into each other’s souls, mouths touching, whispering and breathing each other. the only thing they were aware of was the other person they were about to lose and that made the embrace even more intense. Their world was spinning and they were soaring out onto blissful clouds of quiet passion. Then gently ever so gently everything came back into focus; words were useless; they knew what had to be done and after a minute of heavy searching eyes she said simply in a barely audible whisper nibbling his under lip “go”
Slowly she watched the transformation in his eyes- deep yearning turning into sorrow at what he was losing and her heart was breaking. It had started and there was no stopping now. Slowly from a close embrace to holding each other’s arms, holding on for a second longer, a second too long, a second too short but painfully the seconds ticked away til finally he made a step backward and her heart wrenched. He was half tempted to step back forward but summoning up all the brutal strength against his own will he stepped away till only one hand remained as their form of contact. She had already started resigning herself to what was happening when suddenly just as her fingers started slipping out of his, he suddenly swiftly clasped the delicate hand again and pulled her back for one final powerful kiss that left each panting and breathless.
She flashed him a smile that indicated how happy she was that he did that and deep down they both knew that no matter what happened hence forth they would always be a part of each other. Somehow everything was ok now. It was okay to go now.
Finally the lovely couple broke apart and joined their respective groups. The agitated group of boys immediately started moving off before he got any more ideas of running back to her who stood watching him longingly with her friends. Even as he walked away he hung a little behind reluctant to go while going. The girl stood forlornly teary eyed as she watched her knight saunter away with an unmistakable gait that could not fail to be noticed. He was beautiful sight to behold; she resisted the urge to run after him, she longed to feel him again but she knew he had to go and as his figure grew smaller and smaller with the distance her despair grew bigger and bigger then suddenly he stopped in mid-gait. He had pulled his hood jumper over his head and hands deep in his pockets to keep out the cold. Now he turned and she could just about make out the faint outline of his dark face, the hot steam freezing as he breathed out into the cold and as she watched, he threw back his hood and caught her eye with a penetrating look. Even at a hundred meters away it felt as if he was right there besides her and her heart went out to him and she knew she had his always and forever. All he had to say was right there on his face and she understood. She felt so exhilarated; it was the most perfect night of her life.
With that last look taking in her figure, the boy turned with the image of the girl, hair strands billowing in the wind, so ethereal, he turned and walked on contented. One of the boys threw an arm around his neck and chuckled merrily, shook him out of his reverie as the masculine teasing began …

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