Sunday, 28 June 2009


28th June 2009
Tomorrow at right about this time (12:19) I will be just about to set off for Entebbe Airport enroute to Belgrade Serbia! Finally the day has come to check the world out again for a bunch of days. The countdown is down to hours and the waiting is almost over. It’s been a long road to this point in time, a very uncertain road as I found out this month.
I spent most of this year taking it for granted that I would definitely be part of the group participating in the 25th Universiade till the organizing committee in somber tones pronounced that the huge budget cut earlier this month meant a big number of the people had to be cut off too and the enquiries raised a number of doubts in my mind especially when the person I was relying on to make sure I make the final cut start referring me to those in charge at a higher level. Luckily I also was in good stead with Penninnah the chairman of NUSUF who ensured that I was not to be left behind. After all this was cleared I have settled down to serious training sure that I am going and indeed I really am.
Yesterday I cried.
I cried like I haven’t done in almost two years. It felt strangely refreshing. What happened is, I was chilling here in my room with my girlfriend Laura after a long Saturday at ISU and in town where I hustled the girls swimming team get uniform swimsuits- very stressing especially when you’re doing it with chics who don’t know what they want that’s why am consoling myself that its part of the reason why I broke down into tears at the end of the day but I know it aint.
My crying was a direct result of me answering Laura’s question. She asked me to tell her 10 of my most memorable and greatest moments ever in my life. At first it was difficult to come up with even one but after the first two they just started flowing right back to my memory. It was …
Anyways I said my first was the first time I ever talked to her. I can never forget the first day I ever said hi to her, it was pretty intriguing. It was in lecture room 4 Makerere University fcaulty of Arts; dept. of Literature just before a Lit lesson around the end of the first semester of my 2nd year at university. She always was a pretty quiet person until you get to know her; hence it was easy for me to not notice her until that moment and it changed everything. We’ve been together almost  2 years now and its awesome most of the time.
Next I told her my most unforgettable memories also lay in the days of club Junta in Brio’s room around senior 6 and also S.5 with the likes of Petit around the time I started liking rock music. It was the most fun time of days in high school. All those guys around me getting wasted, letting loose and just being boys; it was powerfully entertaining. We had crazy times, quiet times, sad times, happy times, pissed times. Every Friday was unique in its own way. I can never forget those glorious teenage days.
Another unforgettable memory was my crush back in P3. It was a chic called Gwendolyn. I met her when she was repeating P3 but I knew her before in Kindergarten (nursery as it was called back then) I kinda liked her for reasons I cant quite remember all I know is I found her cute.
One moment in time I could never fail to mention in my list of favourites was the time in S4 3rd term on one of those high nights in Hoima Dormitory. We always smoked and caught hard liquor till the wee hours of the morning. We would sometimes do it outside in the courtyard near an old water tank or climb the tank itself. Anyways one time I, Deekee and Krazze decided the roof of our back rooms. There was this bed stand for Double Decker beds we used as a ladder to the roof. So we got up there and lay down on our backs staring at the night sky full of stars, smoking weed and watching the stars feeling like we were floating. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G It was a perfect beautiful night.
Next I told her something very hard to mention but which I did tell after a lot of coercion. I told her of the time in my S6 vacation when I and my ex got drunk and crazy and got it on in the river. She found that very fascinating. I felt a lil uncomfortable having to mention that but I got over this as I moved on with more memorable moments.
Then I told her of an amazing night in the village when I and my boys escaped from school around the time of our senior four final exams. We visited the home of a friendly fisherman who was our weed supplier. He cooked and slaughtered a chicken and fish for us and brought a lot of malos and weed. Together the six or seven of us a lil rural party that strangely can never leave my mind. It was nice and cozy and down-to-earth; a perfect night to be a teenager. The drunken journey back into school was quite the experience.
Then I told her of the night I help pat in my arms. Pat was my long time crush in high school. I had chased her for a long time but failed. One time in senior five on our way back from Kamuli in the back of the school truck with the rest of the production cast and crew after a successful premier of our annual school musical dance/drama production our lorry broke down and one girl fainted from exhaustion so she had to be rushed to the hospital and the rest of us were left in the back of the truck. It was late on a cold windy night so everybody was freezing in the biting cold so most of us were forced to get closer to keep warm as we traveled back to school. I happened to be close to Pat and as guys coupled up I also summoned up the courage to take part in my arms hugging her and keeping us warm. It was pure bliss for me despite the biting cold, and I wished the journey could go on forever. On arrival at school she quickly extricated herself and bid me goodnight after a quiet thanks. I was speechless. That was the closest I have ever gotten to Pat.
Next I mentioned the UTL invitational interuniversity swimming gala in 2007 where I fetched 6 gold medals. It was the most successful and greatest day of my swimming career, I was proud of myself and I felt the entire university team was proud of me and of course my university too, coupled with this was my first swimming competition on a national level at rainbow international in the 1st ever excel insurance independence gala back in 2002. I made my name in Uganda swimming history and became an item in the swimming world. It was my debut on a national level. I was hailed all the way back to Jinja and that’s when I knew I was destined to become a swimmer.
Next I told her I can never forget our first kiss and dance. It was on our first date in my hostel room back at the University. It just happened, I asked for a dance and there was a lot of chemistry already and the dance was quite romantic; I simply had to kiss her …
Finally was the lift off for Bangkok at Entebbe Airport. I had finally touched the skies and I felt truly blessed. My first flight ever and it was wow.
After telling Laura all this I suddenly felt an overwhelming sadness and I don’t why but slowly and surely tears welled up and crept from my eyes and before I knew it, they were rolling down my cheeks. She took me in her arms and I couldn’t control myself. I wept like a baby; she thought I was upset, I don’t think I was upset; I was just crying and I couldn’t explain it. It felt good.
Last week I managed to get myself a digital camera and a Nokia 5130 from my friends. I borrowed them for a while as planned, everything is right on schedule as planned and as I like it. I spent most of last week either at crib chilling with Laura or at ISU training kids or at MUK training. The training was hard and tiresome am glad am through with it. Nkeetoboy was our good coach. The hardest bits were the 30mins of warm up workouts.
At the beginning of this month something nice happened. I got back from work tired and she asked me to look around the room. After some searching I discovered wrapped gifts from her. She got me a khaki cap and the novel the Da Vinci Code from one of my favorite authors. She said it was my BD and Vals gifts; was a sweet surprise. I hadn’t received a birthday gift in ages. They came with little notes from her that made my night. One time I had to take her for pizza. The month has been full of anticipation but at the end I have rediscovered who I am and what makes me. Thanks to Laura I had kinda blocked this and it feels good to have the experiences I have and just be truly grown. I have had a great twenty two years, very little regrets, now I am going to Serbia to make more memories; a few hours left! Gosh I can’t wait. See you when I get back to Ug, am outta here …