Friday, 13 November 2009


13th November 2009
In the wee hours of the morning, cold dark and brooding, the lovely couple stood by the parking lot outside the discotheque building. They were one with each other neither separate nor part of the group that was nearby watching at a polite distance. Actually two groups waited in the cold silence both unmindful and fully aware of the lovely couple. It was late and the couple could not prolong this impending separation however much they clung to each other. it had been a powerful night charged with emotion and as they kissed like their lives depended on it but the urgency of the moment only became stronger.
The two groups going their different ways waited patiently knowing that it was a moment such as never to be interrupted. One group was full of girls and the other more agitated was of the boys. Darting glances kept bouncing from one side to the other evoking a certain discomfort to the point that some members drifted a little further off due to the growing feeling of intrusion and also for the privacy of the two indivisuals who were the centre of all this quiet drama.
It was such a night as that which made you believe in love, the sight of it was heartbreaking taking in mind what was happening. What was happening was saying goodbye. The boy was to go away forever after one night of connecting with the angelic figure in his arms. Her dark curly hair streaming down way past her small perfect shoulders down to her slim waist; her arms were clasped behind his back as they explored it and the full majesty of his lithe hard body firmly pressed against her soft figure; eyes inches from each other gazing deeply into each other’s souls, mouths touching, whispering and breathing each other. the only thing they were aware of was the other person they were about to lose and that made the embrace even more intense. Their world was spinning and they were soaring out onto blissful clouds of quiet passion. Then gently ever so gently everything came back into focus; words were useless; they knew what had to be done and after a minute of heavy searching eyes she said simply in a barely audible whisper nibbling his under lip “go”
Slowly she watched the transformation in his eyes- deep yearning turning into sorrow at what he was losing and her heart was breaking. It had started and there was no stopping now. Slowly from a close embrace to holding each other’s arms, holding on for a second longer, a second too long, a second too short but painfully the seconds ticked away til finally he made a step backward and her heart wrenched. He was half tempted to step back forward but summoning up all the brutal strength against his own will he stepped away till only one hand remained as their form of contact. She had already started resigning herself to what was happening when suddenly just as her fingers started slipping out of his, he suddenly swiftly clasped the delicate hand again and pulled her back for one final powerful kiss that left each panting and breathless.
She flashed him a smile that indicated how happy she was that he did that and deep down they both knew that no matter what happened hence forth they would always be a part of each other. Somehow everything was ok now. It was okay to go now.
Finally the lovely couple broke apart and joined their respective groups. The agitated group of boys immediately started moving off before he got any more ideas of running back to her who stood watching him longingly with her friends. Even as he walked away he hung a little behind reluctant to go while going. The girl stood forlornly teary eyed as she watched her knight saunter away with an unmistakable gait that could not fail to be noticed. He was beautiful sight to behold; she resisted the urge to run after him, she longed to feel him again but she knew he had to go and as his figure grew smaller and smaller with the distance her despair grew bigger and bigger then suddenly he stopped in mid-gait. He had pulled his hood jumper over his head and hands deep in his pockets to keep out the cold. Now he turned and she could just about make out the faint outline of his dark face, the hot steam freezing as he breathed out into the cold and as she watched, he threw back his hood and caught her eye with a penetrating look. Even at a hundred meters away it felt as if he was right there besides her and her heart went out to him and she knew she had his always and forever. All he had to say was right there on his face and she understood. She felt so exhilarated; it was the most perfect night of her life.
With that last look taking in her figure, the boy turned with the image of the girl, hair strands billowing in the wind, so ethereal, he turned and walked on contented. One of the boys threw an arm around his neck and chuckled merrily, shook him out of his reverie as the masculine teasing began …

Thursday, 27 August 2009


Thursday 27th August 2009
You know, ever since I heard from you last, I couldn’t help feel so dark and gloomy although I refuse to admit why but I know that it is you. Unfortunately everything happening to me nowadays ain’t helping. Fate has just made it possible for me to do nothing bit hang with my thoughts.
In my world there are bills to pay and one of them- electricity was long overdue and as a result we were cut off for not clearing in time but that’s not the point. The point is, I am now stuck with my thoughts and misgivings. As a result I sit and stare in the dark or by candlelight sometimes most nights, I roam the dark corridors and hallways and all I can think is how despicable and sorry mess I am but lately still, all I can think of is that somehow I have wronged you; not only you but your kind.
I have tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep until I let this pen bleed. As I stare at the dull shadow of my body in the early evening candlelight, as I observe the structure of my head as it stands forlornly on a slender neck and wide shoulders down to the broad back curling inwards on the sides to the point where my slim waist starts and my big shorts the rest of the way; as I look at this I couldn’t help but feel so much sorrow because I feel it’s such a waste, I wonder what happened to the good guy who was born in this body and why I keep thinking of you this way. The truth is that I fell in love with you. I love you but that’s just it. For one small moment in time I actually fell in love just from that small but gigantic moment in time. I loved so fiercely it scares me; am sorry I couldn’t help it, I only pray that with time it fades to ashes but as for now all I can see is you, smell you; I dream, I smile for you, I think you, my thoughts and you are one and the same. I am not saying these things because of anything or that I will act on them- No! I am just saying them because that’s what it is and I realized that I started a chapter of you in my life and it’s not complete. Until it is, I aint never gon get a moments rest so here I am pouring it all out to you because you deserve to know and I also know that people like you and people like me are never always on the same page but for one great moment in time we were and damn how awesome that felt. There’s nothing I can give you from over here and I am sorry for that; I just got burned from that one moment but it left a mark on my life,  and it is scarred forever. I am not complaining I am actually eternally thankful and for that I thank God and thank you for giving me something that memorable. I am wrong and despicable but I just wanted you to know that my whole being shakes and aches for you, it can never be and that’s what makes harder to take. Everything feels dull and dark now that you are gone, that spark in my reflection is no more just as the sun hits the water, like when I see blind spots not blinding spots, here I can at least close that chapter. Am sorry it was such a short one.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


16th July 2009

Its been four days since I touched
Knez Mihailova Street
down on Ugandan soil and the memories of Belgrade are still burning strong under my skin. I can still smell the fresh-scented dust free air, see the old bombed buildings, the nicely paved pedestrian streets, the strong summer sun scorching my black skin just as it does that of my white brothers and sisters in their smart scanty clothes, I still see the well organized shops through glass windows showing nice watches, clothes, bags, shoes, perfumes, in my mind’s eye I can still see the chatter and flatter and the buzz of the Knes Mihailova street with its art and craft; I can see the naked sculptures on the ancient traditional buildings of new Belgrade, I can still hear the buzz of their almost noiseless cars cruising effortlessly by on their nice pothole free roads, I can still see the flashing lights of their numerous traffic lights and the black and white zebra crossings for pedestrians, I still see the cute little fiat and Volkswagen cars stopping for us to cross the road, I can hear the sound of my footsteps on the cobbled streets and lanes in those noise free environments, I can still gaze at the magnificent cathedrals glittering with gold and serenity. In my mind am still walking in Kalemegdan, the big beautiful park with its nice lime green all over and lovely shade, ice cream girls and old gentlemen in old fashioned kangol caps playing chess on the park benches; I can still look down over a cliff onto the Sava and Danube rivers and watch them join together into the Danube, a very breath-taking view and experience; I can still feel the breeze in the air as I gaze at the sun over the water and still hear the amazing voice of our very nice attachĂ©/team guide Natalija explaining to me the political past of their country and look at her beautiful smile and her frown when she’s obviously tired; I can only feel grateful. I feel freed up there above all the pain and strain of surviving in a country like ours and I can only think, am living in Belgrade.
In the Tram

I still remember the numerous rides to town in the public buses-air conditioned and spacious, the trains and trams, I feel the closeness of the people piled up in the trams and I can feel their stares as I walk by with a bunch of other Ugandans-wide eyed and touristy or the burning looks of the beach revelers when I invaded their Ada Lake shore but I feel secure in the company of four young women my age, I feel I belong with them and for a while my life’s HAKUNA MATATA.
But most of all I feel the people of Belgrade; the people I was lucky enough to make an acquaintance of:
Tasmajdan Pool
Aleksandar Kostic is the guy I will always remember. This dude was so good to us I cant believe the level of hospitality (I remember this very much like a Ugandan welcome) and the length he went to help us have a great time. I met him at Tasmajdan pool. He came up to me and said hi. After greeting me he started asking me these crazy number of questions; I was amused to just be talking to him and immediately impressed by his warmth and enthusiasm. We chatted a long time and at the end of the day he gave me his number and promised to get in touch. From that first day he came by everyday to say hello and promised to take us shopping which he did later on. It was major fun but tiring. We bought and took a few beers on the streets of Belgrade which we would never do back here; we went to Delta City shopping mall where we met Sandra and Natalija Krakovic, two teenage girls who took an immediate liking to my pal Robert and started calling him Akon.
Conrad, Danielja, Robert, Bojana

At this moment there’s too much I can say about Alex my first friend in Belgrade but let me stick to the basics. He was the best damn friend I ever made in Belgrade. He welcomed us into his family home, he introduced me and Robert to his cute sister Marija; on our last day in Belgrade we met the rest of his family on our way to party when we did a detour and they had nice gifts for us which I feel was very kind especially when we just met them once. I got shirts, key holders, pens and my favorite, this Journal book. I fell in love with the whole family immediately. Am so glad I met Alex and he’s also fun. He’s great at hanging out, at the party later that night we went crazy in Zemun. We danced on tables and smashed glasses as a way to express how awesome you’re feeling which apparently the norm there is.
@Delta City
Bojana is another is another person I owe a lot when it comes to Belgrade fun. I met her at the dining room area as I was picking my bag along with several other volunteers. I had almost forgotten about them until I got their facebook requests. I was chatting in the games village Internet cafĂ© and she came online, we talked and she agreed to go hangin’ with her friends. She’s a very interesting girl but I found her quite shy. After we met she did not talk much and Robert did most of the talking. Turns out she is very intelligent when Robert got her to open up am just so sorry I did not get to know much of her after the buzz that her friends created as I got caught up in just answering their several curious questions about me and Africa. After that we spent the whole next day chilling at Ada Lake but still I did not get to speak to her because she got caught up with Robert and I stayed with Ksenija; a nice enough girl but she was more interested in Alex and yet Robert really liked her. That was a day to remember. Bojana had to go to her volunteer duties and I still wanted to hang with the girls. I met another one Milica with boyfriend trouble, a very talented designer and artist. First time I met her in delta city she asked if she could sketch a portrait of me and she did and gave the picture to me as a keepsake. I found her very amusing, she kept reminding me of a little flittering mockingbird. I had a crush on her immediately. Unfortunately it was wrong timing and very little English. I really liked that elfish girl with wild hair. I got a chance to study her as she concentrated and closed one eye to picture my profile as she drew that portrait and her crazy expressions always had me smiling.

And infact it was partly because of Milica that I met Jasmina. Jasmina is the girl I met at Club Magacin after I had quite several glasses of wine. After Zemun we drove to Magacin to meet up with the rest of the Ugandan team and several other athletes partying there. Soon after we got to the club I thought I saw Milica out of the corner of my eye. I was like finally someone I already know from before so I rushed to say hi ready with a hug overwhelmed with happiness and 2 seconds from hugging her I realized that she’s not Milica but another girl who looks a bit like her. Embarrassed I apologized; case of mistaken identity and just as I was about to walk away I was like what the heck am already here, I would just as well say hi.
With Jasmina
We got to talking and I told her a little about me and she told me something about her which I promptly forgot and she briefly introduced me to her sister. After a little while I invited her to go dancing and since she told me she likes RnB I asked her to show me some moves. We started grooving; I found her very sexy and we were having such a blast that before I knew it time had burst. I excused myself to go pee and on my way back I meet UG hommies of mine and they tell me they wanna go back to the sports village. Time was up for me so I requested 10mins which they didn’t have. I pleaded until they agreed to wait five more minutes. So with this in mind I walked back to Jasmina and without a word took her in my arms. Of course she drew sideways when I tried to kiss her. Then I told her ‘I gotta go now. This was my last night in Belgrade, my flight was at 10 o’clock that morning and she is never gonna see me again. This was the last time we’d be close together and I wanted to make this moment special. So I took her in my arms a second time and slowly but surely our lips locked. This is the longest time and first time I ever kissed a white chic. Gosh she is a damn god kisser. I had never been kissed like that before; first tantalizing and slowly then more and more passionately, she leaned into me and wrapped her arms around my neck, pressed her body close to mine, I held her waist and crushed her to me and the world disappeared around us. Two people penting their emotions in the middle of a crowded club dance floor. It said everything I felt about Belgrade; I love it, I miss it, and I don’t wanna let it go. A kiss for Belgrade, she got it and returned it,  she said this is for Belgrade, carry it in this kiss. We kissed took a breath and kissed some more, I explored her body, it was frail and tiny and soft and white. She was like melting in my arms and I half carried her and kept kissing her just as if to say this is what I have of me, take everything, this is all I got for you, it was a dream, I could have been a dream, I don’t know her but I know that moment and that impression is what I will always carry in my heart …

I broke the kiss, I had to break the kiss; I had to go and I asked her to escort me outside the club which she did. We met my friends and then I said ‘I have to go now” I took her again in my arms for the last time kissed her ever so gently I could not believe I could ever be as gentle with something I wanted so badly at that moment. As I kissed her goodbye someone stole the beer in my hands so I could have more room and a better use of my hands. I held and hugged her like my life depended on it. At a certain point I asked her to open her eyes and look at me while we kissed. We kissed like that for a while looking at each other reading each others eyes. I wanted her to know who I was at that moment and to make sure she never forgets me. I hope she didn’t; she did not … I know it.
Anyways I broke away and drew apart and then just as our hands were about to let go of each other I pulled her back and gave her one long parting kiss. I cant forget the curious way she kissed me and the way she did not try to force her tongue into my mouth but let me gently explore hers as I let her explore mine in return. We played around with our lips, she sucked and nicked my lower lip with a shadow of a smile, I gently caressed her cheek and she caressed mine then she whispered ‘go …’
Team UG on arrival in BG
I had to go, it was over, it was complete, it had been perfect, it was time for me to go, there was nothing else left for me to do, we’d taken everything we could possibly give of each other at that point; that was my goodbye Belgrade. It was fun but it had to end; always in my heart … so long Belgrade … ti si lepa 

Sunday, 28 June 2009


28th June 2009
Tomorrow at right about this time (12:19) I will be just about to set off for Entebbe Airport enroute to Belgrade Serbia! Finally the day has come to check the world out again for a bunch of days. The countdown is down to hours and the waiting is almost over. It’s been a long road to this point in time, a very uncertain road as I found out this month.
I spent most of this year taking it for granted that I would definitely be part of the group participating in the 25th Universiade till the organizing committee in somber tones pronounced that the huge budget cut earlier this month meant a big number of the people had to be cut off too and the enquiries raised a number of doubts in my mind especially when the person I was relying on to make sure I make the final cut start referring me to those in charge at a higher level. Luckily I also was in good stead with Penninnah the chairman of NUSUF who ensured that I was not to be left behind. After all this was cleared I have settled down to serious training sure that I am going and indeed I really am.
Yesterday I cried.
I cried like I haven’t done in almost two years. It felt strangely refreshing. What happened is, I was chilling here in my room with my girlfriend Laura after a long Saturday at ISU and in town where I hustled the girls swimming team get uniform swimsuits- very stressing especially when you’re doing it with chics who don’t know what they want that’s why am consoling myself that its part of the reason why I broke down into tears at the end of the day but I know it aint.
My crying was a direct result of me answering Laura’s question. She asked me to tell her 10 of my most memorable and greatest moments ever in my life. At first it was difficult to come up with even one but after the first two they just started flowing right back to my memory. It was …
Anyways I said my first was the first time I ever talked to her. I can never forget the first day I ever said hi to her, it was pretty intriguing. It was in lecture room 4 Makerere University fcaulty of Arts; dept. of Literature just before a Lit lesson around the end of the first semester of my 2nd year at university. She always was a pretty quiet person until you get to know her; hence it was easy for me to not notice her until that moment and it changed everything. We’ve been together almost  2 years now and its awesome most of the time.
Next I told her my most unforgettable memories also lay in the days of club Junta in Brio’s room around senior 6 and also S.5 with the likes of Petit around the time I started liking rock music. It was the most fun time of days in high school. All those guys around me getting wasted, letting loose and just being boys; it was powerfully entertaining. We had crazy times, quiet times, sad times, happy times, pissed times. Every Friday was unique in its own way. I can never forget those glorious teenage days.
Another unforgettable memory was my crush back in P3. It was a chic called Gwendolyn. I met her when she was repeating P3 but I knew her before in Kindergarten (nursery as it was called back then) I kinda liked her for reasons I cant quite remember all I know is I found her cute.
One moment in time I could never fail to mention in my list of favourites was the time in S4 3rd term on one of those high nights in Hoima Dormitory. We always smoked and caught hard liquor till the wee hours of the morning. We would sometimes do it outside in the courtyard near an old water tank or climb the tank itself. Anyways one time I, Deekee and Krazze decided the roof of our back rooms. There was this bed stand for Double Decker beds we used as a ladder to the roof. So we got up there and lay down on our backs staring at the night sky full of stars, smoking weed and watching the stars feeling like we were floating. It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G It was a perfect beautiful night.
Next I told her something very hard to mention but which I did tell after a lot of coercion. I told her of the time in my S6 vacation when I and my ex got drunk and crazy and got it on in the river. She found that very fascinating. I felt a lil uncomfortable having to mention that but I got over this as I moved on with more memorable moments.
Then I told her of an amazing night in the village when I and my boys escaped from school around the time of our senior four final exams. We visited the home of a friendly fisherman who was our weed supplier. He cooked and slaughtered a chicken and fish for us and brought a lot of malos and weed. Together the six or seven of us a lil rural party that strangely can never leave my mind. It was nice and cozy and down-to-earth; a perfect night to be a teenager. The drunken journey back into school was quite the experience.
Then I told her of the night I help pat in my arms. Pat was my long time crush in high school. I had chased her for a long time but failed. One time in senior five on our way back from Kamuli in the back of the school truck with the rest of the production cast and crew after a successful premier of our annual school musical dance/drama production our lorry broke down and one girl fainted from exhaustion so she had to be rushed to the hospital and the rest of us were left in the back of the truck. It was late on a cold windy night so everybody was freezing in the biting cold so most of us were forced to get closer to keep warm as we traveled back to school. I happened to be close to Pat and as guys coupled up I also summoned up the courage to take part in my arms hugging her and keeping us warm. It was pure bliss for me despite the biting cold, and I wished the journey could go on forever. On arrival at school she quickly extricated herself and bid me goodnight after a quiet thanks. I was speechless. That was the closest I have ever gotten to Pat.
Next I mentioned the UTL invitational interuniversity swimming gala in 2007 where I fetched 6 gold medals. It was the most successful and greatest day of my swimming career, I was proud of myself and I felt the entire university team was proud of me and of course my university too, coupled with this was my first swimming competition on a national level at rainbow international in the 1st ever excel insurance independence gala back in 2002. I made my name in Uganda swimming history and became an item in the swimming world. It was my debut on a national level. I was hailed all the way back to Jinja and that’s when I knew I was destined to become a swimmer.
Next I told her I can never forget our first kiss and dance. It was on our first date in my hostel room back at the University. It just happened, I asked for a dance and there was a lot of chemistry already and the dance was quite romantic; I simply had to kiss her …
Finally was the lift off for Bangkok at Entebbe Airport. I had finally touched the skies and I felt truly blessed. My first flight ever and it was wow.
After telling Laura all this I suddenly felt an overwhelming sadness and I don’t why but slowly and surely tears welled up and crept from my eyes and before I knew it, they were rolling down my cheeks. She took me in her arms and I couldn’t control myself. I wept like a baby; she thought I was upset, I don’t think I was upset; I was just crying and I couldn’t explain it. It felt good.
Last week I managed to get myself a digital camera and a Nokia 5130 from my friends. I borrowed them for a while as planned, everything is right on schedule as planned and as I like it. I spent most of last week either at crib chilling with Laura or at ISU training kids or at MUK training. The training was hard and tiresome am glad am through with it. Nkeetoboy was our good coach. The hardest bits were the 30mins of warm up workouts.
At the beginning of this month something nice happened. I got back from work tired and she asked me to look around the room. After some searching I discovered wrapped gifts from her. She got me a khaki cap and the novel the Da Vinci Code from one of my favorite authors. She said it was my BD and Vals gifts; was a sweet surprise. I hadn’t received a birthday gift in ages. They came with little notes from her that made my night. One time I had to take her for pizza. The month has been full of anticipation but at the end I have rediscovered who I am and what makes me. Thanks to Laura I had kinda blocked this and it feels good to have the experiences I have and just be truly grown. I have had a great twenty two years, very little regrets, now I am going to Serbia to make more memories; a few hours left! Gosh I can’t wait. See you when I get back to Ug, am outta here …

Saturday, 30 May 2009


30th May 2009
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss!! One more month to Belgrade!! The countdown is officially starting today. All I can say for this month is that it has been better than the last and much more accommodating and less stressing. Ever since I move into the crib as I call it (It has not yet reached the level or the feel of home yet) I can arguably say I am the most visited person of the month (The visits being accidental or intended none-the-less) I still feel the most visited. Actually in a weird way I have had a blast.
First of all first things first- celebration!!
After moving in, the first thing I had to do was celebrate and celebrate we did. That first Thursday after shifting found me at Steak Out rockin away with Max and buddes who housed us big time. It was fun, my bro showed up too but I did not tell him I had shifted but now I guess he has figured it out already. Anyways I embarked on a series of celebrations to mark my independence. The brokenness lasted only as far as my first week after which I got my first payment of the month from Gilbert, half the dime which I immediately banked and the reminder I settled a promise I had made with my buddez – PORK NIGHT OUT (which later turned into BOYS NIGHT OUT  and now called BAD MAN ENERGY. This was actually the inception of our boys parties) we went to our usual pork joint in Wandegz and had a blast all on me!!!! That’s the first time I housed a gang of hommies plus my bro Mozey. The pork was as usual long in coming since it was a frio and the joint usually has mob customers then. When the pork finally came, it disappeared in 2 mins  max!!! unlike the other time, this time the guys attacked it with a vengeance I could hardly fathom. When I did the pork was all gone but  at least everyone had had their fill of it and the night was declared a success. So the next week the dimes kept flowing in. first the dime from some guy called Victor whose script I helped edit and adjust and make suggestions for so for a while I had a blast. I then attended the MUK 2008/2009 sports dinner at Livingstone Hall and it was the most organized sports dinner I have ever attended at MUK to bad I was already out of campo. I stayed there till late and failed to eat even a quarter of the food because I was more interested in the Guinness guys had already started attacking then I chatted with Nkeetoboy who reminded me of doing masters which up to now I have failed to apply for. Anyways there’s always next year. He later dropped me at my crib in his car-the joy of having friends.
Things kinda settled after that for like a week as I awaited my final financial package of the month. My real salary but that’s when my housemate got financial zibs and asked me to loan him since I was doing well financially plus the promise of a quick repay won me over. So when the money came I just transferred it to him leaving me with a month to wait before I furnish my crib. But at least miraculously without a hustle I managed to get a dope matres which I am now enjoying. My housemates’ bro had luckily or unfortunately for him bought a mattress too big for his bed so he simply sold it to me so he could purchase a smaller one so all I had to do was transfer the mattress from his room to mine and that’s it yaaayy!
Back to my visitors; I told the whole world on facebook how I now have my own crib hence a line of people started calling me to see the place. The first person to know my place was of course my girlfriend Laura and good friend Shirazi. The came Bogzie, Roy, I met Bwana Nobert my old friend from High school and he branched by my place for a bit.  I have had James a nd aggrey and Adiga here, Sarah code-named (chino) maxs friends and mine like Linda and Deekee.
However not even one of my siblings have come to see my place but o well, whenever they come around to it they are welcome; others like the pythons have promised to drop by.
Once again to say something about my love life it has been just great I could not take it anymore with my feelings about Laura so I talked to Sarah about it who convinced me that I was right to feel the way I did and let Laura know it so I did exactly that through emails and on facebook and finally recently a quiet chat she came round to realizing that there’s need to have concern about how I feel and she agreed to not see Peter for my feelings sake and from then on I feel contented and have peace of mind.
So my life is not quite heaven right now but it’s pretty much the edge of heaven. I am actually living my ultimate urban dream which is almost impossible for most people especially at my age. God has really been good to me so it’s only fair that I thank him coz it’s been long overdue. I am trying to build a more meaningful relationship with him and am also trying to involve myself into helping others but first I have to renew my life so I have taken to attending to new life church classes and my close proximity to Watoto church makes things so much easier. I’m so glad and thankful. By God I will do my part. No matter the disappointments all things work out for good in the end. my workplace is ok and everything is going smoothly and I am making enough dime to help me and the people around me. Nice opportunities are on their way I can feel them, the people I live with have the potential to help me make something of myself and of course am still gon party hehhehee.
Bogzie called me last night to tell me about the MUBS sports dinner so tonight we are so partying. Am yet to tell max to prep his party shoes and next Wednesday happens to be Uganda Martyrs day a national public holiday which means no work for me, a party to attend at Kololo pool; can’t wait yippee!!
And now lastly onto the most important event of this year! Preparations for the 25th Universiade Belgrade 2009 is on. It seems like it is going to be a repetition of the circumstances under which we went to Bangkok two years earlier. Anyways through a number of calls and infor from Max and my cousin Henry, the forms got issued to different universities to be filled in by the best athletes which then got around. I had a one on one chat with the head of NUSUF (Madam Penninnah) to ascertain that I don’t get left behind and I think I made my point and myself more sure of making it to another once in a lifetime experience although for me gon be a twice in a lifetime moment God willing. However one thing had me worried for the most of this month – my arm (shoulder) it still hadn’t fully healed a month later and my time seemed to be running out. I have to train but could not and its terrifying feeling not being able to perform you can and pushing it would only make things harder so I accepted that by the grace of God it shall be healed and I took a rest from training for a month only going on very few occasions and am happy that my arm aches less and feels stronger. Looks like we (me and my arm) will still be able to make it although I still have to tread carefully or should I say handle. That warning aches till comes occasionally; I promise not to ignore it.